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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Using my degree!

So friends and family and anyone who knows me really knows that I detest talking on the phone.  In fact, sometimes I wish I didn't have a cell phone because then I wouldn't be obligated to answer it the 50 million times it rings a day.  Luckily and annoyingly my husband and I just moved to Parrish, Florida where we bought a home back in the country of Florida that has little to no cell phone reception.  I say luckily because I have an excuse to get off the phone fast, annoy because realistically I have to use my cell phone even if it drops a call 3 times within a 3 minute conversation.

OK rants aside I do love my friends and family and I do love to stay in touch with them-so this is why I am creating this blog.  Brook (my husband and who I refer to as Dale above) and I are in the midst of starting our new life in Florida--new home, new jobs, new friends-the whole deal.  I figured I would put the Journalism degree to use and create a blog as a means to stay connected and keep friends and family up to date with what is going on in our lives.

I will try to post pictures, keep you up to date on current events, but there are some days you might just get whatever random thought is on my mind because lets face it--I have little to no friends here yet and some things just need to be shared : )

Brook & I on the beach--actually on our honeymoon--Florida pictures coming soon!

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