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Tuesday, September 13, 2011


I try avoid Wal-Mart at all costs.  I hate every part of going to Wal-Mart-from trying to find a parking spot in an always over-populated parking lot, to navigating myself around a family of 3 Rascal Scooters that can't go over 1 mph because the 400 + lb. operator's weight and total lack of concern for anyone around them, just to try to get a cart, and then actually finding a cart that functions somewhat properly.  I haven't even entered the second set of automatic doors yet and I am in a full blown nervous sweat.  It's just more than I can handle.  I am a deal hunter and love nothing more than to save money--but I draw the line at Wal-Mart.  I will pay Publix prices any day to not have to enter Wal-Mart's doors.  AND, when I do need something I send my poor husband (because he passes Wal-Mart on his commute home from work) haha.  A trip for two cartons of juice and some strawberries is even a big deal when you have to wait in a slower than molasses line because the cashiers have a total lack of interest in their job, and have no concern for you or your stuff (gallon of milk in same bag as a loaf of brea, really?  I didn't buy flat bread)

Well, I had the night off work last night and was in an exceptionally great mood, that I thought nothing could bring down, so I decided to make the trip to Wal-Mart to buy bikes for Brook and I.  Easy trip in, easy trip out, right?  The bikes would be in the driveway to surprise my hubby when he got home.

We both sold our bikes recently and decided we wanted cruiser bikes, nothing fancy, $80 a piece at Wal-Mart, great for our little rides around the back roads we live on.

My Cruiser : )

Our closest Wal-Mart is in Palmetto (aka Palmghetto), which is a city of sites as it is.  So, I made the trek there, found a surprisingly close parking spot, didn't even need to search for a cart for what I was buying--the trip started out good!    
I made it back to the bike section, saw the bike for Brook, but not mine, which was OK I was going to go ahed and get his and order mine online.  One problem--his bike was on the top rack.  I looked around the bike area for someone, no one there, walked about half the store over until I found an associate and asked her if there was someone who could help me in the bike section?  No response, she walked away, went to her phone, and about 5 min later I heard a call on the intercom  for assistance in bikes--thanks for your help ma'am? So, I went back over to bikes, waited....waited a little more...saw two associates pass me by as a was looking up in the air at the bike....nothing...tried to track down an associate who ignored me.  Finally, a guy passed who could not escape!  "Can you help me, sir?" Not a "sure", or "I would love to," but a put-out "With what?" I told him I needed help with the bike.  "What do you need help with?"  "Well I would like it down and try it out."  After a couple huffs and puffs he got it down and walked away.  Um thanks? Customer service at its finest!  I know Wal-Mart is cheap, but come on!  Take a little pride in your job! 

I didn't buy the bike because I had no help, but I did pick up some work shoes for Brook and some salmon while I was there (might as well make the trip worth it, huh?).  As a proceeded to the check out a little boy spinning in circles spun right in between my legs, getting way too close to things he should not be close to, which sent the little baby girl in the cart a few feet over in to hysteria--glad my humiliation and frustration made someone happy, haha.   Only 2 of the 20-some check out lanes were open, and of course they contained a mile long line of people with fussy kids and parents yelling at their fussy kids, and when I finally got up to the check out the lady said not one word to me--the whole transaction with no eye contact, no "here is your total," nothing.  Wow!  Pretty amazing people get paid to do nothing, be rude, and get away with it.  And, of course, we support it because let's face it Wal-Mart is CHEAP! 

After some grumbling to Brook about my experience and bust in surprise, my mood was once again brightened by a swim in our pool, a movie, and kicking my hubby's butt in Scrabble!

Any Wal-Mart stories?  Would love to hear them, because let's face it sometimes you just gotta laugh and grumble a little!  

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