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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Busy and Blessed : )

This will be just a quick update post because it's my day off, the house is a mess, and I have a lot of editing to do before Brook gets home!

First off, I have some family updates:

I told you a couple of posts back that I was going to be an aunt, well turns out I will be making a lot of bows for this babe because it's a GIRL!!  Michelle and Donnie just found out a couple of days ago, and they also were reassured that everything is healthy with Michelle and the baby--VERY good news!  (For those of you who don't know Michelle had the scare of chicken pox and possible cancer---prayers still needed daily!) precious it this?? Can't wait!

Also, in family news my brother Brett has reserved a U-Haul and housing in order to move to Colorado the first week of October.  I'm so excited for him and wish him nothing but the best in his new adventures there.  He is truly an incredible guy with so much to offer the world!  Good luck Brett!

My parents are in Italy for the month and I am missing them like crazy!  It's weird when you are used to being able to call someone up on the phone and tell them something, or ask them a question and then you can't!  I think I take that for granted.  I am excited for them, though, they are with the Collins and Mitchells all celebrating early anniversaries.  The women surprised the men this time which it pretty cool.  They start off on a cruise and then spend time in a villa on Lake Como (yes, right by George Clooney!)

Lake Como-How Gorgeous is this??

On another blessed note, I was presented with the opportunity the other day to be an editor of a book--cool, huh?  Even cooler how God works--it is actually a faith-based inspirational/motivation book where I will be mentioned as the main editor!  Right up my alley!  I'm really excited about this opportunity and the opportunities to follow.

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