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Friday, July 29, 2011

Full Moon? Twilight Zone? Weird Dream? Who knows?!

I truly believe that Sunday morning church can set your tone for the entire week.  I love going to church on Sunday mornings and getting fired up for God and encouraged to be the best me I can be.  This past Sunday Brook and I decided to try another new church, an Assembly of God Church.  We attended an AOG church in Newburgh and loved it.  This church, however, made us feel like we were in the twilight zone, and I feel like I haven't come back ever since.

Brook and I both have just been in a "funk" of weird occurrences all week.  Sunday night my phone decided not to work unless I talked through speaker phone and remained that way until Wednesday, on my day off, just before I left to take it in to Sprint to get a new phone.  I still took the phone in anyways, they did some software updates and said it would help, then last night the speaker phone option went out and it only works in reverse now.  Ahh really?

This week we switched our computer systems at work from Aloha to POSI, which has made for interesting adjustments at work.  I have caught on pretty fast, but there are still kinks in the system that make for not-so-smooth nights.  Anyone who has been a server knows what I am talking about when I say the "weeds dream," or should I say nightmare.  The weeds dream is when you are running around the restaurant frantically and can never get caught up--they are crazy and awful.  You wake up in almost panic attacks because you can't leave work even in your sleep!  I lived out a real-life weeds dream last night as part of my twilight-ish funky week.  My first table was an old couple as odd as odd can be.  They didn't know what they had ordered, kept ordering and reordering the same thing.  They must have gotten into a fight while they were at the table because they asked for their food to go and the guy asked for another glass of wine, while the women insisted "NO!" And no, they weren't already drunk or buzzed-just old, confused, and sick of each other.  When I said "Have a great night," the man responded, "You really think I'm going to have a great night?"  Ha ha touche!  Weird start to the night only to move on to more weird situations and people.  Things were happening like my food tickets were running through, but my salads weren't--which they are supposed to go through at the same time, and so on.  I had a split party go awful, and not really sure why or how.  Oh, and when I thought I was cut, and had finished all of my side work and tables, a ten top walks in at about 9:40 (we close at 10 and I was cut 8 of 12, not including closers), and the host sat it as a split party in my section and left me and cut 7 to take it.  AHHH!!  We were the last two to leave at 11:30.  Fun stuff!

Brook has had some weird requests and stops at work this week as well.  Out of product cups for a residential stop..really?  Also, there is a somewhat mysterious guy Brook delivers to that has all sorts of weird requests and will even "accidentally" call Brook at off work hours.  He even tried to talk Brook in to coming to work for him this week.  That being said, we have no idea what this guy does.

I am probably missing little weird details to the week-but you get it we are in a funk this week. Pray that we get out of it haha!

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