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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tornadoes, Tomatoes, and TVs---a scattered and random post from the weeks happenings

It has been an entire week since I have written!  Let's play a little catch up.  Our house guests left a week ago today, which meant Wednesday, my day off, was spent restocking everything from toilet paper to tomatoes and trying to pick up the tornado that hit our house!

holy guest room!  yikes!

The day was finished off with dinner and a movie with my hubby.  Spinach and berry salad, Grand's biscuits, ribeye steak, grilled chicken, and the movie Hall Pass.  We cherish nights like these since it's rare that we get them!

yummy and healthy!
hey stud!

The movie Hall Pass stars Owen Wilson, Jason Sudeikis, Jenna Fischer, and Christina Applegate and is a comedy based on the idea of two women giving their sex-obsessed husbands a week off from marriage.  Very funny-I recommend!  

Unfortunately our big screen plasma went out last week : (.  I keep telling Brook I broke it because he has been too mesmerized with HGTV.  The sound still works on the TV, but there is no picture.  We thought it might be something simple to fix so we called a TV repairman to come out Thursday.  You know how I talked about the rude people at Carrabba's and the rude man in church a couple of weeks ago?  This TV repairman must have been a love child of those two.  What a jerk!  Rude from the second he walked in to OUR home.  "What do you expect when you buy a piece of crap TV like this from Walmart?  Why would you even try to fix this it has way outlived its life expectancy.  Why would you move here it sucks?"  He continually contradicted everything I said and had a rude comment back.  Grr!  Charged me $65 for 100 rude comments and not even an effort to make a repair.  So we are in the market for a new TV-if anyone knows of any good deals or brands to go for or stay away from as we shop let me know.  


After work I went out with some co-workers to Legacy Grille for ladies night (free drinks!!).  It's right next to Carrabba's and has a nice outdoor bar area.  We had a good time and it's always fun to play with your co-workers outside of work.  

Friday night we played with Brook's co-workers.  I met Brook and the other guys at Aces Lounge in Bradenton to see Chris Duarte play.  He is a pretty incredible blues/rock musician.  Brook works with a great group of guys-they are always a lot of fun to hang out with. 

My amazing hubby completely cleaned the house on Saturday-which means today, on my day off I can write, shop, and play outside a little!  He's the best!  

I worked Saturday night, and to my surprise our friends Tim and Ashton came in to eat.  They moved to Sarasota a couple of months before we did to start a Young Life movement in the Sarasota area.  They are an amazing couple that is doing amazing things with the Sarasota youth.  They have been at camp for what feels like all summer and they are finally back, so it was good to see them!  

tis picture pretty much describes why we love them!

We decided to try Woodland Church in Bradenton with Tim and Ashton sunday morning.  Unfortunately the church had lost their worship leader to cancer on Friday, so the service was directed towards honoring and remembering what seemed to be an incredible man of God.  Of course it was an odd first visit for us, but I couldn't help but hold back tears the whole time and I didn't even know the guy.  I really admired the church for taking the whole service to honor this man.  We really felt a sense of "realness"  in the church.  I'm not sure if most churches would take the ENTIRE service to talk about this one person-with the risk of there being people there who didn't even know them, but this church did and we admired that.  

After church we went out to eat at First Watch in Lakewood Ranch with Tim and Ashton.  They told us it was like "old people's crack"  haha!  It was pretty delicious-I recommend it!

I'm off to do some grocery shopping and play in my pool!

that lounge chair is calling my name!

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