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Monday, July 11, 2011

Treasure Hunting

These guys are always all over the beach looking for that wedding ring you lost, loose change that fell out of your beach bag, and only God knows what else.  They crack me up!  

My mom and I were on Venice Beach a couple of years ago and there was a guy with shorter shorts than I wear, shirtless with a belly that stuck out too far for him to be even be able to see the treasure his metal detector picked up, and what looked like was the latest and greatest equipment in metal detecting. 

 It was a little chilly on the beach and I was feeling a little ornery, so I asked my mom for some change.  I tried to plant a penny trail for him to follow--you know get him excited like he found all of this stuff and then they would just be pennies.  I text Brook a picture of him and told him I had found a man that can provide me the finer things in life and I also told him about the penny trail I had planted.  

Brook just laughed and said you do realize that metal detectors don't pick up copper. 

Joke was on me!  

The picture above was from yesterday at Siesta Key beach.  The beach was so crowded I'm sure he found all sorts of goodies!  

Brook and I laugh at these guys, but we are like little kids when it comes to finding little treasures-whether it is a good deal, the perfect snack, or just the right piece for our home.   We love feeling like we found something that no one else could find at a price no one else could get it at.

I figured I would share a couple of our restored "treasures" that have filled our new home.

The Before:

Chandelier:  $30 @ thrift store
Shades: $2 clearance @ Stein Mart

The After:

We white-washed it, antiqued it, and added new shades for a new look. 
 (and yes, I realize some of the shades are crooked--Brook accidentally bought the the candle-like curve-tipped light bulbs--you live, you learn--bulbs to be changed soon!!)  

The shades match the patterns and colors in our favorite rug in our living room:

This is the remains of what the previous owners had:


We love the shop Pamaro here in Florida.  They have some of the coolest furniture that fits our style perfectly.  It's kind of the rustic beachy look.  I found this sofa table for $25.00 at Blessings thrift shop and figured we could put our own Pamaro twist on it:

The chest was actually white with all of the hardware that you see here.  We painted it the same blue that we used to paint our kitchen, antiqued and stained it, and turned it into a new piece!  Maybe not quite a Pamaro piece, but it is a one-of-a-kind piece!  

This desk is another thrift shop find: $30 and we painted it, antiqued it, and stained it. We still need to finish it with bead-board backing and a cute rug underneath, but it's a start to our office.

We have several other projects and goodies up our sleeves, but I will continue to share them as we fit them in to place.  Oh, and of course we do have some pretty sweet new treasures too--pictures to come!

Hope everyone is having a great start to the week!

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